Modifying housing, cubicles/barn construction

Offer your cows more comfort with efficient walking routes for the farmer.

Sweep Agro has been advising cattle farmers on walking routes, barn layout, modification, construction and installation of milking robots and milking parlours for over 10 years. Sweep Agro can also provide advice on possible modifications to your barn to allow your cows to graze, with or without milking robots.
Cows spend most of their time in their cubicles. Cubicles can be incorrectly set up in older barns as well as new ones. Do you want your cows to be as comfortable as possible lying down? Sweep Agro can offer practical advice and determine the best course of action for you and your cows.

Adjust the cubicles

Do you want your cows to be more comfortable in the barn? Are you planning to renovate your barn and would you like an objective opinion? Contact Sweep Agro today!