The youth is the future.

Do you want to rear your young stock smoothly? Sweep Agro can assist you with optimising this period.
Optimal young stock rearing starts with a good dry period and a problem-free birth. Keywords for good rearing are: colostrum, prevention, sufficient space, and growth. The first weeks of a calf’s life are crucial, and most illnesses present themselves during this period.

Development of the young stock

There are numerous cures available for a variety of pathogens that cause calf diarrhoea. These do nothing to prevent calf diarrhoea, however, and the problem will return as soon as treatment ends. Tackle the problem at the source and work preventively!
Development is important in the second year of life. Make sure your calves receive sufficient protein, energy and minerals. When fed according to the norm, yearlings cannot get fat.
Do you want to know the best way to feed your yearlings?