Dairy cattle feed

Exchanging knowledge and experience with fellow dairy farmers is very important. Now you can share your knowledge and experience during a workshop by Sweep Agro.
A practical workshop on dairy cattle feed. The visit to the barn is preceded by a presentation on the cow’s digestive system, and we discuss the MPR results and silage results of the farm in question. You and your study group will enter the barn in groups with a particle separator, manure sieve, silage thermometer and dry matter meter. You will also receive a short questionnaire to assess the cattle and the feed. At the end of the workshop, the assessments will be discussed with the whole group, and a final recommendation will be given. You will receive the score cards and questionnaires to take home with you.

Half-day (morning or afternoon): €350 ex. VAT
Full day: €650 ex. VAT
Travel costs not included.
Max. 12 participants, more possible in consultation.