Colostro Balls


With the Colostro Balls you know if you are feeding your calves the best colostrum.

 Why should I use Sweep Agro Colostro Balls?

With this durable measuring instrument you can measure the quality of the colostrum quickly. This way you can determine if you can provide your calves with enough antibodies.

The six cylindric balls will float to the surface. The better the quality, the more Colostro Balls will float to the surface. It’s simple to use: throw the Colostro Balls in the bucket with colostrum and you can count how many Colostro Balls are at the surface.

Because you can measure the quality of the colostrum in the bucket, the results are very reliable. With other measuring instruments you will only use one drop of colostrum, so these results are less reliable.

After using the Colostro Balls you can rinse them with warm water and then they are ready to use again!

Why is the quality of colostrum so important?

In the first weeks of life, a calf needs antibodies to build up immunity. A calf doesn’t have it’s own antibodies at birth and needs good quality colostrum to build up this passive immunity. Illness because of pathogens like Cryptosporidium, Rota-Corona-Virus and lung problems can be prevent by a good colostrum management. Feeding your calf a good quality of colostrum directly after birth will make your calf stronger with a better immune system.

What should I do is the quality of the colostrum is not sufficient?

Measuring the quality of the colostrum doesn’t happen very often. After calving it is not possible to improve the quality of the colostrum. The quality of the colostrum depends on the transition period and the age of the cow. When the quality will be monitored it is much more easier to improve the transition period of the dairy cow on time. When cows have a low quality of colostrum it is possible that the minerals in the transition period must be improved. It is also possible that the amount of protein in the ration is too high. Discuss with you feed advisor or veterinary how to improve the transition period.

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Colostro Balls