TMR dryer


With the TMR-dryer you know what you are feeding.

Why should I use the Sweep Agro TMR dryer?
This new dry matter measurement can dry two fodders at a time. Measuring the DM is more efficient and will save time. Within 20-30 minutes you will have the dry matter of two fodders.
The heat source is a dryer. That means the hot airflow is fast and drying the fodder is more quickly than other dry matter measurements.
Fodder and bucket can be weighted together so the results are more reliable.

Why is dry matter so important?
You can research the dry matter of the silage at a laboratory. This dry matter will be an average of the whole stock. During the year dry matter percentage can change.
Also when forage is very wet and the water leaks out of the stock, the dry matter of the silage can be higher than calculated.
With the TMR dryer you can also check the dry matter of the total ration.
If the dry matter of the fodder differs from what is calculated, the ration is suboptimal and cows will produce less.

The TMR dryer provides 100% certainty about the quantity that is being fed.

With the TMR dryer you can:

  • Determine the dry matter content of roughage, concentrates and by-products
  • Analyze two types of feed materials at the same time
  • Determine the dry matter content of the total ration
  • Better calculate your ration
  • Determine dry matter content of dried / separated manure
  • Plug & amp; play
  • € 295 ex VAT for the complete TMR dryer with heat source and scale.

Privat label is possible if ordering more than 40

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