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With the TMR-particle separator you can check the feed intake

What can I do with the TMR-particle separator from Sweep Agro?

With this particle separator you can:

  • Analyse the loading time or loading order of the feed wagon.
  • Check if selection takes place at the fence.
  • Determine the particle size of the total ration or single forages.
  • Determine whether the ration provides sufficient layer of fibers in the rumen.
  • Determine if single forages are chopped well during harvesting.

The TMR-particle separator can be used for different rations. The TMR-separator consists of 3 lightweight plastic sieves and a closed pan. Instead of the 1,18mm sieve, this TMR-separator contains a 4mm sieve specially for rations with a higher amount of concentrates. Handling the separator is easy.

Specially for partial mixed rations (concentrates are fed separately) we have a separator. This separator has a 1,18mm sieve. You can also buy an extra 1,18mm sieve with this TMR- particle separator.

With the separator you can be sure that the ration is properly absorbed.

Private label is possible from 4 sets in the colors green, yellow, blue, gray and red.
It is also possible to order a separator with 2 sieves and bottom tray.

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TMR Shakerbox